Chicago Tribune theater critic Chris Jones discusses the power and resonance of Objects in the Mirror. “A well-acted and resonant new play that will help you understand what’s an ongoing global crisis. Objects in the Mirror gets four stars.”

“Does an adult love you? How much? Will that adult risk everything for you? And then even if all of that is in the affirmative, you still have to find a destination, a place where you can resettle. You still have to find a sympathetic home — on the macro level of governmental admission, for sure, but also on the micro level of finding kind people to stand with you on that beach. And as we well know, all of that is very much subject to the political whims of the moment.

For our world exists in a constant state of furious debate over how much those who feel like they have struggled for what they have should be willing to give away — especially when the potential donors number in the tens, if not the hundreds, of overwhelming millions.

“Objects in the Mirror” is not the obvious play about refugees; it does not merely restate our ethical obligation, nor does it spend time condemning those anxious to shut the gates.”