Here’s what local outlets are writing about Charles Smith’s new play Objects in the Mirror, now playing in the Goodman’s Albert Theatre through June 4 only.

Chicago Tribune: Objects in the Mirror: Charles Smith Writes about the Ghosts of Liberia

“Surely no playwright has penned more works about African-American history — especially about the black intellectuals of the 19th and early 20th centuries — than Charles Smith. I’ve been watching Smith’s plays, which have arrived in Chicago at happily regular intervals, for many years.”

Windy City Times: Scottish Play Scott Profiles Actor Daniel Kyri

“The struggles of a refugee doesn’t stop once they find asylum elsewhere. That struggle continues because essentially you’re feeling like a visitor in another country and space. The things that you leave behind in order to fit into this new home gets brought up a lot in terms of the sacrifices the characters have to make in their journey to find their idea of home or freedom or safety.” – Daniel Kyri

PerformInk: Breon Arzell and Daniel Kyri on Goals, Representation and Self-Care

“The language we use to discuss these issues, often, creates distance from the people involved. I believe Objects does some work to address that. Because we see a refugee story through the lens of this complicated family, we are actively putting a face to the crisis. We focus on the individual, the living and breathing human beings at the center of the narrative. And by doing that we begin chipping away at the ‘us and them’ narrative.” – Breon Arzell

Chicago Defender: Chuck Smith and Charles Smith: Creating Chicago Theatre Magic

“In today’s culture of quickly and carelessly labeling others, the term “refuge” can easily be thrown out without consideration to the invisible scars that run deep for those who are truly displaced from their homeland. But the critically acclaimed play “Objects in the Mirror” seeks to shed light on the emotions and plight of refuges. The play centers around the lives of a family of Liberian refugees who escape the violence of their country. First premiered on the Goodman Theatre stage in 2015 by playwright Charles Smith, the production features a 5-member cast, revealing the lifelong secret for one family member who tries to start a new life.”

BroadwayWorld Photo Flash: First-Look at Objects in the Mirror World Premiere at the Goodman

TheaterMania: World Premiere of Objects in the Mirror Begins Performances at Goodman Theatre

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