Objects in the Mirror has garnered superlative reviews from critics, who have nothing but praise for Charles Smith’s play about identity, survival, resilience—and the victory of the human spirit. Read all the rave reviews below, then see the play through June 4 ONLY! Buy Tickets >>


“★★★★ (out of four)”
Objects in the Mirror moved me greatly not just with its unshakable compassion for its dislocated protagonist, but with its firm determination to reflect the agonizing complexities of identity, trust and loyalty that beset every refugee.”


Objects in the Mirror, now receiving a heart-wrenching, fiercely acted world premiere at the Goodman Theatre, might just be [Charles] Smith’s finest work…And under the superbly lean direction of Chuck Smith (no relation to the playwright), a small but sterling cast leaves you feeling every bit as exhausted, emotionally un-moored and conscience-stricken as the characters. This is a masterful drama on every level.”


“Directed with understated (and frankly underrated) simplicity by Chuck Smith, these performances are among the finest in recent memory. [Daniel] Kyri is a talent to watch, already making his debut at Steppenwolf and Chicago Shakespeare Theater…Alongside Gilmore, Mojekwu, Arzell and Ryan Kitley (as the quintessential well-meaning white man), this ensemble takes what is already a damn-near perfect play and turns it into one of the year’s most essential productions.”


“Conflicts over loyalty, trust, self-preservation and the despair that comes from suppressing one’s true self animate the thought-provoking Objects in the Mirror.


Objects in the Mirror [is] getting a thoughtful, powerful and (thanks to the interplay of Riccardo Hernandez’s set with Mike Tutaj’s projections) visually elegant world premiere now under Chuck Smith’s direction at Goodman Theatre.”


“Every actor in this play brought forth an incredible performance. They each gave such great life to this play. This story begins with a boy who is lost in transition, and it ends with a young man who finds a way to give himself permission to be free, regardless of the price he must pay. Objects in the MIrror is an important story that is timely and will speak to all.”


“[Charles] Smith poses this…essential questions with vigor. The nuanced, compassionate cast fully rises to his challenge. Thrust into a cruel universe, one person seems tiny and yet in spirit nothing less than immense.”


“It’s a testament to Yarkpai’s story, Smith’s writing and Goodman Theatre resident director Chuck Smith (no relation) that “Objects” can feel so universal and personal, even as the action takes place “over there.” It also helps that every cast member is exquisitely talented and well chosen. In addition to powerful work from Kyri and the remarkable Mojekwu, Allen Gilmore as Uncle John Workolo is a revelation.”

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